Saturday, March 20, 2010

To Mall Or Not To Mall

Going in it and going out of it... unending choices... A diversity of people giving off all sorts of energy. If not for eye candy, going to the mall is tiring and stressful for me now. People you bump into, people you dance "cha-cha" with, people that brush against you. Why do I put myself through it? What else can one do because almost everything is found and done in the mall? Maybe this outlook comes with age? Not that I feel old. At 30 something, I have been wanting different things now. Lately, I have been seeking out nature. I want to breathe fresh air, see more green, feel the sand on my feet, see a vast ocean perhaps. The place we live in now is but an urban jungle. All I see are buildings and endless construction everywhere. If I didn't have a goal to accomplish in the mall, I wouldn't be there.

Earlier as I was walking in the mall searching for my husband, I found myself in an arcade. Just being in there totally wiped me out. It was all unnecessary noise. I could see how the hastiness that exuded from the place made children, teens and even adults so restless , so hyper and so impatient. It was physically and emotionally draining. Because you could barely hear yourself and each other, I felt sorry mostly for the kids. It made me think that one day, when I have children of my own, I would not want them to be exposed to that kind of entertainment. I want them to experience the real deal and that is nature. I want them to do something productive for the summer so they could maximize their talent for anything. I want them outdoors running or doing a sport and not cooped up in a mall (and God forbid in an arcade.) I want them to read books to expand their minds and improve their imagination. I want them to enjoy life the healthy and happy way. Is this too much to ask nowadays?

The mall is fun to be in for a heck of a short time. But to experience the real fun is outside of it. Seek nature for a change I dare you.

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